The Good Table is a local restaurant offering a daily menu that celebrates quality ingredients; seasonally sourced, locally grown, with emphasis on free range, organic and sustainable produce. We enjoy working with the region’s smaller growers and producers, who, like us, share a passion for quality food and a commitment to the welfare of the animals they keep and the land on which they work. Our food is prepared in an uncomplicated manner, influenced by the regional cuisines of Europe where the ingredient is king and the food is shared.
Lunch, Wednesday to Sunday
Dinner, Seven Nights
Tutto Finito
I started The Good Table 7 years ago and now here I am, 30 years old, ridiculously appreciative to everybody who has come to support me, and ready to go forward and become a better chef.
Having this restaurant has been the hardest, yet most satisfying thing I have been involved in, and it’s time for me to pass it onto someone new.
By December 2016, my time at the restaurant will be tutto finito, and I would love to find a successor for the space. Somebody passionate, with a vision to take the restaurant forward in his or her own direction and to continue to contribute to the local food culture in Castlemaine, somebody to continue the story I have begun.
Don’t despair! Unlike Rhonda Burchmore’s booking schedule, our calendar is jam packed with special events before we start dismantling the tables for good, and we want you to come and celebrate with us!
Thank you everybody for all your support, Alexander.


‘The Outcasts’ Dinner 2016’ – Saturday, September 3rd
Featuring offal from our fantastic producers Warialda Belted Galloway Beef.
We will prepare a fabulous feast using tongue, liver, heart, tripe and the melting flavour of marrow. Offal dining is a specialty that many people value highly and can be difficult to find. Book via TryBooking
‘Night Café – Tables for Good‘ – Saturday, September 24th
We will be operating all night as a café from 10pm through till 11am the next day. Donated food and coffee will be on offer all night to raise much needed funds for World Vision. Some of Castlemaine’s finest chefs and baristas will work gratis all night for the cause as well as a variety of entertainment from some variety entertainers!
‘Grande Table Spring’ – Friday, October 7thth.
My dream seasonal menu based on an experience I had in Bologna, Italy in 2009. You sit down, you say nothing – we look after you – 8 courses with matched wines for $120 per head.